About Us

PROTETTO — An eco-friendly alternative for daily use

We supply premium quality glass products to the Indian consumers. Switch from those toxin plastic containers and bottles to elegant looking glass bottles and storage containers. Protetto was formed to create awareness of how plastic is not only damaging the environment but also affecting humans with the risk of acquiring cancer using plastic based products.


Did you know that cancer is the second biggest killer? Or that one in every eight men and one in every nine women in India could be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime, spanning an average of 75 years?

Did you know that when food is heated in a plastic container or simply served piping hot on plastic surfaces such as plates or bowls, it mixes various chemicals and estrogen-mimicking hormones with your food or beverages? It is medically proven that consuming such foods can cause hormonal imbalances that can lead to health issues ranging from PCOD, ovarian disorders, breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer and infertility, to name just a few. This explains why cancer is rising among Indians, as fewer of us are carrying home-cooked food to work and more of us are opting to eat takeaways from cheap, plastic containers that only look new and clean, but are extremely dangerous when you consider the damage they can cause.