Regular Glass Tea Cups – Pack of 6

Transparent Glass Tea Cups by Protetto Glassware are ideal for gifting. They can be used at homes and offices. See the colour blend of your tea and coffee through the transparent glass cups. Comes in a pack of 6 which is suitable for gifting as well as home use. Comes in a colour box and bubble wrapped.

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Are you planning to get a tea cup set if yes, go for this tea cup set from Protetto Glassware. The set comprises six cups. The cups have a concave shaped body with round base. You will find a curved handle too, facilitating easy grip. The cups have transparent bodies, which will facilitate you to check the tea level from outside. The cups are made of glass. Each cup has a storage capacity of 200 ml. The set can be washed using liquid soap. Order it today let the road to getting healthy look charming with this cute small short green tea mug-for-one 200ml. Made from glassware. Perfect for green tea. Can be used in office or at home. He glass material is break resistant.. A thoughtful gift for the health conscious, this clear tea-coffee mug looks equally great sitting on the home, caf, or office desk

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Weight 1.255 g
Dimensions 24 × 13 × 13 cm


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